(Reg. No. 125 of 2011-2012) National level Non-governmental Organization (NGO) registered under the Societies Registration Act. (XXI of 1860) and as amended by Punjab Amendment Act. 1957 of India

Protecting the National Information Heritage, Financial Freedom, Privacy of the Individuals. Creating awareness in the field of Cyber Security to protect kids, students, youths, individuals, organizations etc. from the hacking attacks.

"Practice safe security techniques to minimize the number of successful cyber security attacks."
Sahil Baghla (President) Anti Hacking Welfare Society, India
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We have assisted Police official to investigate in website hacking, cyber stalking, cyber pornography, e-mail, credit card crime, software piracy, on-line fraud and internet crime We Organize Seminars for state criminal investigations department (CID), Centre for development of advance computing (C-DAC), Cyber Cell(INDIA) a special training programme regarding cyber security to secure the Nation. Contact us to get seminar organized for your Police Department
We invite every Citizen to come forward and volunteer by joining us and help us grow and spread the cyber security awareness among the masses. If you feel passionately about helping our nation to be free from Cyber Attacks then join us and help us build a better tomorrow for the entire nation.
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